Connecting California Homeowners to Clean Energy Contractors

The contractors on the Clean Energy Connection do the work that supports California's transition to Clean Energy

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The Clean Energy Connection Mission

  • Assist homeowners, who are aligned with the state’s climate goals, by connecting them to clean energy contractors
  • Support clean energy contractors by providing them qualified leads
  • Encourage specific clean energy measures, such as electric heat pump technology
  • Expedite the development of clean energy workforce in California
  • Become an information source for the clean energy industry

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100% Free
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Quality Assurance
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CEC was built by a Non-Profit Organization

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We’ve done the hard work. Our directory includes only the highest quality, experienced, and well-reviewed contractors to help you complete clean energy projects in your home. Contractors and homeowners must work together to meet California’s energy goals, and while clean energy projects will help us reach those goals, they also make our homes and indoor spaces healthier and more comfortable in the process!

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Who Started The Clean Energy Connection? 

The Clean Energy Connection was developed by Efficiency First California (EFCA), a non-profit organization that supports energy efficiency and clean energy contractors throughout the state. EFCA both runs and funds the Clean Energy Connection. EFCA helps support California’s transition to clean, carbon-free energy through the contractor directory by making it simpler for homeowners to connect with local, trusted clean energy contractors.


Learn more about EFCA’s vision and mission