3 Reasons Why a Variable Speed Pool Pump Is Worth It This Summer

family having fun in swimming pool

If the pool pump at your California home is getting old, starting to make strange noises, or blowing bubbles and spitting water, it could be time to replace it. Is your pool pump old enough that it's a single-speed motor? You can't even buy single-speed pool pumps in the Golden State anymore, and for a good reason!

Variable speed pool pumps come with a variety of benefits for you and your family, so no matter what condition your single speed pool pump is in, it's worth it to upgrade—here's why and how you can find the right contractor to help you make the switch.

1. Variable Speed Pool Pumps are Better for the Environment

There's a reason why California prohibited single-speed pool pumps above one total horsepower in 2008: They waste lots of energy. They're so bad that, since 2018, you can't even order one online and have it shipped to California.

Single-speed pool pumps are very energy inefficient. Water filtration only needs half the water flow rate that pool cleaning does, but a single speed pump can't adjust its speed to match the flow rate required at different times of day, so it's always running on full power.

Variable speed pool pumps can run at different speeds, which allows them to use up to 65% less energy than a single-speed pool pump. Suppose every pool pump in the United States met ENERGY STAR standards for energy efficiency. In that case, we'd save the carbon emissions equivalent of more than 1 million cars, and over $770 million in total energy costs.

2. Variable Speed Pool Pumps are Quieter

Because variable speed pool pumps can run at lower power levels, they aren't as noisy as single-speed pumps—some are whisper quiet. This makes owning a pool more enjoyable for your family and your neighbors.

3. Variable Speed Speed Pool Pumps Save You Money!

With significantly improved energy efficiency, variable speed pool pumps will also lower your electricity bills. The savings are jaw-dropping—upgrading a standard outdoor pool pump to a variable speed model will save you an average of $450 every year, and nearly $3,000 over the pump's lifetime, with a payback period of fewer than two years!

How to Find the Best Variable Speed Pool Pump Installer Near You

With a variable speed pool pump, you can reduce your home's carbon footprint while saving money at the same time. But it's important to find the right local contractor to help you switch.

The Clean Energy Connection makes it easy to narrow the list of local companies that fit the bill. It's a free online directory of California contractors specializing in clean energy and energy efficiency services, from solar installation to insulation upgrades and even variable speed pool pumps!

You can quickly filter directory listings by location, services offered, available rebates, and more, and there's no hidden catch or payola scheme at play. We don't charge contractors to be included in the directory (in fact, we vet them first, so not just anyone can join), and we have no financial stake in who you choose.

Start the summer off with a big splash—upgrade to a variable speed pool pump.