Are Variable Speed Compressor Heat Pumps Better?

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If you’ve been looking into a ducted heat pump or ductless mini-split upgrade for your California home, you may have come across the terms “variable speed” or “variable capacity” or “inverter-driven variable speed compressor.” What is different about variable speed heat pumps than regular heat pumps and are they worth it?

Today we’re going to break down what heat pumps with variable speed compressors do differently from single speed compressors, how your home can benefit, and how to find a qualified contractor who will install one in your California home.

What Is a Variable Speed Compressor Heat Pump?

The compressor in an air conditioner or a heat pump helps move refrigerant through your system. This refrigerant is what absorbs and moves heat in and out of your home, making you comfortable year-round.

In a heat pump that only has a single speed compressor, your system is working at full capacity and power any time that it’s on. This is kind of like stomping on the gas pedal to the floor anytime you want your car to move—it’ll get you where you need to go, but it’s not the most efficient way to drive, and you’re likely to see lower gas mileage and more frequent repairs.

Variable speed or variable capacity compressor heat pumps have the ability to adjust their operating power, reacting to both your thermostat settings and the outdoor temperature to find the optimum setting that maximizes efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

What Are the Benefits of a Variable Speed Compressor Heat Pump?

Inverter-driven variable speed compressor heat pumps have a number of benefits, especially when paired with a variable speed motor fan, including:

  • Great energy efficiency

  • Less energy waste

  • Lower heating and cooling bills

  • Fewer repairs (with proper maintenance!)

  • Avoid noticeable indoor temperature swings

  • Better control over indoor humidity levels

How to Find a Qualified California Heat Pump Contractor Near You

The type of heating and cooling system you install is important, but don’t forget about the quality of the installation and the contractor you work with! If you’re working on home electrification upgrades and want to make sure you get the most out of your new equipment, you need to find a vetted, experienced contractor to help.

With the Clean Energy Connection, finding that contractor is easy. Our free online directory is easy to filter by location, services, rebates, and more, getting you on the path to a more energy efficient home sooner with a local California company you’ll be happy you hired.

Find a qualified contractor who can help with heat pump installation in your California home.