How an Energy Audit Can Help with Home Electrification

Man performing home energy audit using thermal imaging

What does an energy audit have to do with your home electrification goals? A home energy audit may not actually convert any of your home appliances to using electricity, but it will give you all the information necessary to make the best choices when it comes to home electrification. Today we’ll explain why energy audits help you get started on electrifying your home the right way, and how to find a trusted energy auditor near you that can help upgrade your California home. 

Get the Most Out of An All Electric Home

Technically, all you need to electrify your home is to exclusively use electricity—no natural gas, oil, or other fossil fuels allowed. But the spirit of home electrification isn’t just about using electricity—it’s about using less overall energy and improving home performance.

If you were to replace your gas-powered furnace with an electric heat pump or a ductless mini split without making any changes to the overall efficiency of your home, you would be using cleaner energy, but you could still be wasting lots of energy through poor insulation and air leaks.

The key to high-performing all-electric homes is reducing your home’s energy waste so that you maximize the benefits of switching from combustion fuel-burning HVAC systems and appliances to electric ones. An energy audit helps with this process by providing a detailed and accurate assessment of how efficiently your home is using energy, and where you can upgrade your home to reduce energy loss.

How a Professional Energy Audit Works

An energy audit is like a multi-point inspection for your vehicle—the goal is to assess all systems and identify where there are issues. Professional energy audits can include:

  • Visual inspections of the attic, crawlspace, and exterior 
  • Blower door tests to assess total air leakage 
  • Infrared camera inspections to locate areas of poor insulation and air leaks
  • Combustion safety testing
  • Duct leakage tests
  • Multi-point HVAC system efficiency inspections 
  • Indoor air quality tests

Once completed, your energy auditor will supply you with the results of the audit, complete with recommendations on which upgrades will improve the overall efficiency of your home. These upgrades often include insulation upgrades (especially in areas like the attic and crawl space), professional air sealing, ductwork upgrades, and more. Many energy auditors in California offer electrification upgrades as well and can help you with heat pump installation, heat pump water heater installation, induction cooktops, and smart thermostats as well. 

Better Home Performance Means Less Electricity Use

If you want to electrify your home to benefit you and your family the most in the long run, you’re going to want to get it right from the get-go with a trusted and verified clean energy contractor. Fortunately, you can find California energy audit companies and home electrification contractors using the Clean Energy Connection. Our free online directory connects homeowners with companies offering a variety of energy-efficiency, home electrification, and home performance services. It’s easy to filter results by location, services, rebates, and more—start your clean energy project today! 

Electrify your California home the right way with a trusted energy audit contractor.