How to Find the Best Energy Efficient Windows for Your CA Home

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Homeowners are electrifying their houses by replacing combustion systems and appliances with electric models. But the spirit of electrification means making a home more energy-efficient as well. Energy efficiency is not (just) about the efficiency rating of your HVAC system but about reducing energy waste and using less energy to run your home and keep it comfortable.

Replacing old or damaged windows with energy-efficient models in your California home can give your house a visual makeover, make your home more comfortable, and will be better for the environment. Here are some things to remember when shopping for new windows near you and how to find the right contractor to help you choose the right energy-efficient windows for your house.

What Makes Replacement Windows Energy-Efficient?

Windows are not all designed or built the same. Energy-efficient models, including ENERGY STAR windows, meet a higher performance standard and can help lower your monthly heating and cooling costs beyond being well-designed.

  • Some of the characteristics of energy-efficient windows include:
  • Multiple panes of glass
  • Quality framing that reduces heat transfer
  • Low emissivity (or Low-E) glass
  • Non-toxic gas filled between panes for better insulation

These features help keep your indoors comfortable and prevent outdoor temperatures, like on a hot and sunny California day, from entering your house.

Qualify for Energy Efficient Window Rebates

There are also a few financial reasons to pick energy-efficient windows over regular models. Upgrading to energy-efficient windows can save many California families an average of $300 in annual heating and cooling costs. Homeowners can qualify for several local energy efficiency incentives and rebates when they upgrade to specific window models.

Calculating exactly how much new energy-efficient windows will cost after incentives and rebates can be challenging to do on your own, especially when there are so many municipal and utility programs to sort through. The right contractor can help you maximize your savings, but how do you know which local window company to call?

How to Find Energy Efficient Window Installation Near You

The Clean Energy Connection is an online directory that helps connect local homeowners with vetted and qualified contractors throughout California who specialize in home electrification and energy efficiency services, including energy-efficient window installation.

The directory is free for homeowners and contractors and is funded by a non-profit with no financial stake in who you choose. Narrowing down the list of available contractors with our directory is easy, as you can sort by location, services provided, incentives and rebates offered, and more.

Upgrade your California home with new energy-efficient windows installed by a company you can trust.