How to Find the Right Heat Pump Contractor

Heat Pump Mini Split Contractor

Upgrading your California home’s HVAC system to a heat pump or ductless mini split lets you take advantage of the energy and money savings associated with this all-electric and energy-efficient technology. Heat pumps are one of the best ways for families to stay comfortable in their homes while lowering their carbon footprint and using less energy.

But not all heat pump contractors are alike, and quality of installation and customer service can be the difference between an okay experience and a great one. So how can you find the best company to upgrade your home’s HVAC system?

6 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Heat Pump Contractor

Finding the right contractor can be a matter of asking the right questions. Before picking a company to install a heat pump in your home, here are some of the most important things to look into:

1. Is the contractor licensed?

Unlicensed contractors might save you a little bit of money upfront, but they can create substantial financial headaches if something goes wrong. You could find yourself on the hook for damage done to your home or even for medical bills for workers injured on the job.

2. Does the contractor provide other services?

While you may be considering upgrading only your HVAC system at the moment, many clean energy upgrades help improve your home’s energy efficiency and lower its carbon footprint.Finding a contractor specializing in various services can come in handy. After you finish your heat pump installation, you may find yourself interested in taking the next step towards electrifying your home.

3. Does the contractor offer a home evaluation?

Finding the right heat pump for your home isn’t solely about how powerful (or expensive) the unit is. An experienced HVAC installer will take the time to review your home in person to size the equipment correctly. Be wary of contractors who seem like they are skipping essential steps and rushing to close a sale!

4. What types of heat pumps or mini-splits do they install?

There are several different types of heat pumps available for California homeowners. Ducted heat pump systems connect to your home’s central ductwork, and ductless mini-splits are installed right in the specific rooms and areas of your home that you’re looking to target. A contractor who offers a wide variety will be able to help you select the best equipment for your home.

5. How much experience do they have installing heat pumps?

Experience counts when installing any HVAC equipment, and heat pumps are a relatively new heating and cooling technology for many homeowners, especially when compared to gas furnaces or central AC. While years of experience don’t necessarily guarantee quality work, they can be a good sign that the heat pump contractor you choose is reputable.

6. Do they have references or a good track record of providing excellent customer service?

Finally, finding a company with a track record of high-quality customer service ensures that you’ll be able to trust and count on your installers to provide a stress-free and satisfying home upgrade experience.

How to Find the Best Heat Pump Contractor with the Clean Energy Connection

It can be daunting to do all the research necessary to find the right company for your home. That’s why we created the Clean Energy Connection. The Clean Energy Connection is a free online directory of vetted California contractors who provide quality services for homeowners interested in home electrification and energy efficiency upgrades.

Contractors in our directory have passed our vetting process, which includes license verification, reference checks, and ongoing customer satisfaction surveys. You can sort contractors by name, location, available rebates and incentives, and services offered, so whether you’re looking for an installer for a mini-split or a heat pump water heater, the Clean Energy Connection makes the process easy.


Upgrade to a heat pump in your California home the right way.