What Contractors Can Help You Find the Best Heat Pump Clothes Dryer?

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When homeowners think about eliminating fossil fuels in their home or lowering their energy bills, they often think of their heating and cooling systems or their stoves. But one of the most overlooked appliance upgrades is your clothes dryer. Heat pump clothes dryers can help lower a home’s carbon footprint and advance your goal of living in a 100% electric home.

Today, let’s go over what sets heat pump clothes dryers apart from traditional models and how to find a contractor that will help you pick the right unit to install in your California home.

How Are Clothes Dryers with Heat Pumps Different?

Standard clothes dryers either use natural gas or electricity to operate, venting excess heat outside. Heat pump clothes dryers, on the other hand, use the same underlying technology as ducted heat pumps, mini-splits, and heat pump water heaters. Instead of venting heat, they recycle it for greater energy efficiency.

In fact, heat pump clothes dryers use 40-50% less energy than a standard electric clothes dryer, making them:

  • Better for the environment

  • More affordable to operate

  • Gentler on your clothes (they run at lower temperatures, so there’s less wear and tear on fabric)

The lack of vents also helps make a home more airtight (one less opening in the building exterior) and can come in handy in apartments, condos, and buildings where venting is a challenge.

Can Rebates Lower Heat Pump Clothes Dryer Costs?

Because heat pump clothes dryers are better for the environment and use less energy, California homeowners can qualify for energy efficiency rebates and help lower their upfront installation costs. There are a lot of rebates throughout the state, but many are available through your utility company and so the details are dependent on where you live. A qualified electrification contractor that offers heat pump clothes dryers can tell you what rebates you might qualify for and how much you could save.

Finding the Right Electrification Contractor in CA for Home Upgrades

Just like other home electrification and energy efficiency upgrades, you can maximize the performance and longevity of a new heat pump clothes dryer by working with a clean energy upgrade contractor near you who has experience installing these appliances.

The Clean Energy Connection makes your search easier. Our free online directory connects homeowners with contractors in California that specialize in energy efficiency and home electrification services, including heat pump clothes dryer installation. You can filter the directory by contractor name, location, available rebates, and services, making it easy to narrow down search results quickly and find someone to help you pick out the best electric clothes dryer for your home.

Save money and electrify your home with heat pump clothes dryer installation.