What is a Green Contractor? (And How Do You Find the Right One?)

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You’re ready to upgrade your home and make it better for the environment, more affordable to heat and cool, and healthier and more comfortable for you and your family. But how do you choose the right contractor? When you go to the grocery store, you can choose between organic and non-organic foods—what if there was a way to choose between green and non-eco-friendly contractors as well?

There are companies out there who specialize in energy-efficiency and electrification upgrades, but unlike “organic,” there’s no one agreed-upon name for them. Some call themselves green contractors or eco-friendly contractors, while others prefer electrification contractors or clean energy contractors. Find out what sets contractors like these apart, what services they provide, and how to find one near you:

How Are Green or Eco-Friendly Contractors Different from Regular Contractors?

No matter what name they use to describe themselves (or what you might have Googled to search for them) green contractors set themselves apart from the competition in a few different ways:

1) They have training and specific experience with energy efficiency and home electrification

2) They’re knowledgeable about and can install a variety of high-efficiency, non-combustion appliances, systems, and services

3) They incorporate green or eco-friendly practices into many aspects of their business operations

4) They are a mission-driven company dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Because there are no regulated standards for calling yourself a green contractor or eco-friendly contractor, different companies may hold themselves to different standards and have different definitions of what being “green” or “eco-friendly” or “clean energy” entails.

Some contractors take advantage of this and “greenwash,” using terminology that tricks you into thinking they’re more environmentally friendly than they actually are. Homeowners should be on the lookout for these deceptive companies and, when possible, take steps to ensure they’re working with a truly green contractor. After all, green contractors will not only have more experience and perform higher quality work, but they often take steps to recycle and reduce project waste.

What Services Do Green Contractors Offer?

Green or eco-friendly contractors in California and beyond can offer a variety of home upgrade services that electrify or improve the energy efficiency of your home without using combustion fuels. Here are some of the services green contractors may provide:

Home performance upgrades (energy audits, insulation, air sealing, high-efficiency windows)

Electrification upgrades (heat pumps, mini splits, heat pump water heaters, induction stovetops)

Solar PV installation services (solar panels, battery storage, electrical panel upgrades)

How to Find an Eco-Friendly Contractor Near You with the Clean Energy Connection

Even if you know what to look for, finding the right green contractor for your California home can be difficult. But the Clean Energy Connection can help: our free online directory connects homeowners throughout California with local green and eco-friendly contractors.

Everyone included in our directory is vetted for proper licensing as well as customer reference checks. The directory is easy to sort by location, contractor name, services offered, rebates, and more. Best of all, the directory is free for both homeowners and contractors—we’re a non-profit organization committed to clean energy initiatives with no financial stake in who you choose.

Start your home upgrades with a qualified, vetted green contractor.