What Is the TECH Initiative in California?

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To meet ambitious goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, California launched the TECH initiative—a new energy efficiency incentive and rebate program in California to make electrification upgrades more affordable for your family.

One of the best new rebate programs available is the TECH Clean California initiative. Below, we’ll explain the TECH initiative, what size rebates are available, and how you can qualify.

What Is the TECH Clean California Incentive Program?

TECH Clean California is a $120 million initiative designed to promote cleaner and more energy-efficient space and water heating technologies for single and multi-family homes. A significant benefit of the TECH Initiative in CA is the rebates offered for ducted heat pump, mini-split, and heat pump water heater installation projects. The initiative was created as part of California Senate Bill 1477 and funded by California gas corporation ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.

What Rebates Are Available Through TECH Clean California?

TECH rebates are available through participating contractors. The total rebate amount will vary depending on where you live, your utility provider, and the equipment upgrade you’re making. Here are the general parameters:

  • Heat pump HVAC systems: Rebates of at least $3,000

  • Heat pump water heaters: Rebates of at least $3,100 for gas-to-electric conversions or at least $1,000 for electric-to-electric upgrades

The incentives are even higher for those in a region of California where the local utility provider has partnered with TECH Clean California —with total possible rebates of up to $6,600!

How Do I Find a Participating TECH Clean California Contractor?

Not every California contractor is eligible to offer TECH Clean California rebates, so not every heat pump or heat pump water heater installer near you can help you save with these and other rebates. But with the Clean Energy Connection, finding a TECH enrolled contractor is easy and free.

The Clean Energy Connection is a free online directory of California contractors specializing in electrification and home performance services—everything from heat pump and mini-split installation to solar PV and home insulation. You can easily sort by contractor name, location, services offered, and rebate programs, including TECH Clean California, to find the right contractor for your home.

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