About Us

The Clean Energy Connection intends to bridge the gap between homeowners looking for qualified contractors and contractors who support clean energy projects.

We started off with three primary goals for the directory:

Direct Access to Contractors Doing Clean Energy Projects

In our exclusive directory, homeowners can find contractors that are actively supporting clean energy projects. Our process ensures that contractors are elevated in search results as they do more clean energy projects. We use two main criteria in our contractor ranking system. The first is positive customer satisfaction. The second is the number of clean energy projects included in their proposals. Our contractor ranking allows you to search the directory with confidence and find the right clean energy professional, for all of your projects.

Grow and Support California’s Clean Energy Workforce

Contractors are the frontline in California’s effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Clean Energy Connection’s intent is to provide leads for contractors focused on clean energy work. Reducing GHG emissions and meeting our state’s aggressive climate goals will require a vast workforce of professionals. We are dedicated to supporting contractors and companies who are aligned with these goals. When high quality work is recognized and rewarded, an industry grows

Help California Achieve Its Emissions Reduction Goals

California legislators have passed laws requiring the state to drastically reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Buildings in California are the fourth largest source of (GHG) emissions in the state. New regulations require that 100 percent of electricity in California is generated from zero-carbon sources by 2045. It will take a monumental effort by multiple entities to achieve these goals. Updated building codes are promoting clean energy in new construction. All- electric buildings are the way of the future.

One of the goals of the directory is to encourage electrification in all types of projects, especially those in existing buildings. Ideally, all new residential construction and remodel projects in California will include energy efficiency measures and utilize zero-carbon energy sources. The way we see it is the more clean energy projects completed by qualified contractors, the easier it will be to achieve these goals!

Why Use the Clean Energy Connection?

The Clean Energy Connection has several advantages over other home renovation contractor
directories. Our goal is to provide a great experience for California homeowners. Our
commitment is to our users:

  • Always free to use, for both contractors and homeowners
  • It is funded by a non-profit organization and is available to homeowners absolutely free—we have no stake in which contractor you choose!
  • We will never sell your information to third parties
  • We allow you to search for contractors based on the clean energy project you need to be completed.
  • We perform regular California State License Board license checks as part of our contractor eligibility requirements
  • We rely on feedback from customer satisfaction surveys to ensure the directory includes only the top performing, experienced, clean energy contractors

The Clean Energy Connection is a project of Efficiency First California, a non-profit contractor trade organization that supports energy efficiency and the clean energy industry.

Ready to find a contractor you can trust for your clean energy home upgrade?