Window Installation

Electrification makes your home better for your environment and is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Still, for the most meaningful change, your upgrade should also address the building envelope.

Windows are a significant factor: they make up a big part of the building envelope of your California home, accounting for as much as 25-30% of a home’s heating and cooling load.

Find a trustworthy, energy-efficient window installation company near you to help reduce energy costs with the Clean Energy Connection’s online directory.

How Are New Energy Efficient Windows Different From Older Models?

Modern windows have multiple panes of glass and use special coatings to reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. High-efficiency replacement windows, especially ENERGY STAR certified retrofit models, can save California homeowners between 21% and 30% on annual heating and cooling costs when upgrading from single pane windows.

New windows not only save you money, but can dramatically lower your home’s carbon footprint. Other benefits of new windows for your house include:

  • More even indoor comfort and fewer drafts

  • Reduced dust and allergens

  • Better soundproofing

Find a Window Installation Company with the Clean Energy Connection

Searching online for “window installation near me” can leave you feeling overwhelmed. There are too many options and little instruction on differentiating between the many local contractors who install custom windows, replacement windows, or even new construction windows. 

The Clean Energy Connection helps. It’s a free online directory of clean energy and energy efficiency contractors in California. Homeowners can filter companies by location and services offered, from windows to heat pumpssolar PV systems, insulation, and more. Plus, we vet businesses before adding them to the directory, giving you peace of mind that the contractors you see are licensed and have a reputation for excellent service.

Upgrade the windows in your California home today with a company you can trust.