Heat Pump Water Heaters

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What better way to efficiently heat the water you need than by utilizing heat that already exists with a heat pump water heater? 

According to the EPA, water heating accounts for 18% of a home’s energy use, on average. Heat pump water heaters are two to three times more efficient than traditional gas water heaters, and by making the switch, you can reduce your home’s overall energy usage. The Clean Energy Connection provides homeowners with a list of verified contractors ready to perform your water heater replacement or installation. 

Say Goodbye to Natural Gas Water Heating

Reducing our reliance on natural gas and other fossil fuels for residential energy is a large part of meeting California's decarbonization goals. By switching to a heat pump water heater, you are doing your part to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

There are several benefits of switching from natural gas to heat pump water heaters, including:

  • More efficient operation
  • Can run on renewable energy (either through residential solar installation or by purchasing clean energy from your utility provider)
  • Has none of the safety concerns associated with combustion gas water heaters

Heat pump water heaters can also qualify for energy efficiency rebates. When you find a contractor through the Clean Energy Connection, they will help determine your eligibility for any available rebates offered by your local utility company, which can make upgrading more affordable.   

Finding a Trusted Contractor for Heat Pump Water Heater Installation

The California climate is ideal for heat pump water heaters, making upgrading your home’s water heater an easy decision. You can maximize efficiency and energy savings and ensure long-lasting operation by choosing the right contractor to help you select and install a new heat pump water heater. 

We verify that every Clean Energy Connection contractor actively completes clean energy projects, including expert installation of heat pump water heaters, and we confirm they provide excellent customer service. By utilizing our exclusive directory, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that you’ve found a contractor with clean energy experience and an exceptional track record for your California home. 

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