Air Sealing

Air Sealing

Air sealing addresses one of the biggest sources of energy waste in a home—energy lost as air moves in and out of cracks and gaps in its exterior. Insulation and air sealing are important home performance upgrades to make as you start to electrify your California home and improve its energy efficiency.

To locate the source of air leaks in your home and seal them up to minimize future energy waste, you’ll need to find a home contractor knowledgeable in building science. With the Clean Energy Connection, you can find qualified clean energy contractors in your area for air sealing, insulation, and much more.

The Benefits of Air Sealing as You Electrify Your Home

  • Reduces energy waste

  • Takes the load off your HVAC system

  • Prevents outdoor air pollutants from entering your home

Air sealing and insulating a home make it more comfortable, quieter (air sealing and insulation are good for soundproofing and noise reduction), and healthier (preventing outdoor air pollutants from entering your home).

Home performance upgrades like air sealing and insulation also work hand in hand with electrification upgrades to create a more energy efficient home that’s better for the environment. Electrifying your HVAC system by installing a ducted heat pump or mini-splits or upgrading to a heat pump hot water heater will reduce or eliminate your home’s fossil fuel use. Still, proper air sealing and insulation ensures that your equipment will work more efficiently and your home will be more comfortable.

Finding a Clean Energy Contractor With Our Free Online Database

At the Clean Energy Connection, we connect California homeowners with qualified local contractors to help them electrify their homes and improve their energy efficiency. Our database is 100% free for homeowners and contractors, and companies don’t pay us to be on the list, so we have no financial stake in who you choose!

We vet contractors through customer references and other criteria before we list them on the CEC. We conduct regular checks of their contractor license to ensure they are qualified to serve you. The companies included in our database have expertise in building science and home electrification and a proven track record of excellent customer service.

Get started on improving your home’s energy efficiency the right way.