Heat Pump Clothes Dryer

Heat Pump Dryer

Heat Pump Clothes Dryers

Are you ready to replace your gas clothes dryer with a more energy-efficient heat pump clothes dryer for your California home? Heat pump clothes dryers are significantly better for the environment than their gas counterparts and far more efficient than standard electric clothes dryers. Consequently, installing a heat pump clothes dryer can help homeowners lower their home's carbon footprint and enjoy greater energy savings. 

If you need help with installing your heat pump clothes dryer, the Clean Energy Connection is here to help. The Clean Energy Connection will help you achieve all of your home energy efficiency and electrification goals by helping you find reputable, clean energy contractors near you.

What Are the Benefits of Heat Pump Clothes Dryers?

  • Save an estimated $200+ in energy costs over its lifetime
  • Less impact on the environment (zero impact if powered by solar panels!)
  • Reliable and low-maintenance
  • Lower upfront costs
  • No risk of carbon monoxide leaks
  • Available in a wide range of models
  • Most homes already have the wiring required for installation
  • Dries laundry at lower temperatures than other types - so there is less wear and tear on your clothes

With all these benefits, it's no wonder California homeowners are installing Heat Pump Clothes Dryers more than ever. This heat pump appliance upgrade is an excellent, green alternative to traditional natural gas clothes dryers.

Find a Clean Energy Contractor to Install a Heat Pump Clothes Dryer

When you decide to purchase your heat pump clothes dryer, you may find you need help with installation. You can use the Clean Energy Connection's contractor database to search, connect, and compare companies to help you make the switch to a heat pump clothes dryer. Each contractor's listing will feature the services they offer, their most recent verification date, and their location, so you can get your home electrification project done right the first time.

Why Homeowners Trust Clean Energy Connection Contractors

The Clean Energy Connection's Contractor Directory is a project by Efficiency First California, a nonprofit contractor trade organization that supports energy efficiency and the clean energy industry through home electrification. This service is available completely free of charge for both homeowners and contractors, and the Clean Energy Connection has no stake in which contractor you choose.

To maintain the integrity of our contractor database, we perform California State License Board license checks on an ongoing basis. We also rely heavily on results from customer surveys to ensure that every contractor in our database is a top-performing, experienced, clean energy contractor.

Ready to Book More Home Electrification Projects?

The Clean Energy Connection's contractor database isn't only to find contractors for heat pump clothes dryers! Our vetted, expert contractors offer several electrification services, including:

Take the next step on upgrading to an electric clothes dryer for your home.