Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Electrical Panel Upgrades

As we move away from fossil fuels and embrace clean electricity here in California, more and more homeowners are thinking about electrification. To prepare your home for all-electric appliances, heat pumps, solar panels, and EV chargers, you may need to upgrade your electrical panel. While there are ways to accommodate an all-electric home on a 100A panel, older electric panels should be inspected prior to converting to an all-electric home, and a replacement or upgraded panel may be necessary to protect your home and appliances. 

Through the Clean Energy Connection, you can easily locate and hire a trusted electrician to upgrade your electrical panel and prepare your home for electrification. 

The Benefits of an Electrical Panel Upgrade

If you’re planning to make the switch to an all-electric home, having your electrical service panel inspected and upgraded is an essential first step. Upgrading your electrical panel and wiring will:

  • Ensure a smooth transition away from fossil fuels 

  • Reduce the risk of fire and other safety hazards common with older panels 

  • Prevent damage to new all-electric appliances 

Find a Trusted Electrician Near You in California With the Clean Energy Connection 

The Clean Energy Connection makes it easy to find a reliable contractor for clean energy upgrades. Our 100% free online directory connects California homeowners with clean energy contractors who are fully licensed and have a track record of providing excellent customer service. 

The directory is straightforward to use, and you can sort by location, certifications, rebate programs, and more to find the perfect contractor for your electrical panel upgrade. 

Prepare your home for electrification with an electrical panel upgrade.