Heat Pumps Ducted (central air, HVAC)

Ducted Heat Pump System

Cooling and heating your home is essential here in California, but many older traditional HVAC systems are bad for the environment and waste a lot of energy! Central (or ducted) heat pumps can help electrify your home, offering efficient year-round operation. Using the Clean Energy Connection’s database of contractors, you can find a trusted HVAC contractor for your home upgrade and maximize the potential of your new ducted heat pump as you electrify another component of your house. 

What Are the Benefits of Ducted Heat Pumps?

  • Offers both heating and cooling modes
  • Connects to your central ductwork system
  • Reduces your home’s carbon footprint
  • Can be powered by clean electricity (via solar panels or purchased through your utility provider)

Heat pumps run on electricity. A heat pump heats and cools your California home by moving heat from one location to another, which is different from a gas furnace that functions through the combustion of fossil fuels. Heat pumps also have both heating and cooling settings, so you can use the same HVAC unit for year-round comfort. Ducted or central heat pumps connect to your home's air ducts, delivering comfort throughout your home in the same way that a furnace or central AC would.


Finding the Right Ducted Heat Pump Installer

As with any HVAC work, the company you call to install your heat pump can make a big difference in its performance. Not all contractors who say they install heat pumps are the same. You’ll want to make sure your contractor has experience with and is knowledgeable about heat pump technology for the best results in efficiency and indoor comfort.

Choosing a heat pump installation contractor through the Clean Energy Connection will help you feel confident that you are entrusting your AC replacement or HVAC upgrade to a verified professional that will get the job done correctly. Contractors cannot pay to appear in the Clean Energy Connection directory, and our strict vetting process ensures that we approve only high-quality, reputable contractors. The Clean Energy Connection benefits the customer in their home electrification journey, promotes contractors that support clean energy and excel in customer service, and helps California as it moves toward a cleaner, healthier, carbon-free future. 

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