Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Pool Speed pumps

Pool pumps are one of the largest energy consumers in a home, but by upgrading to a more energy-efficient model, you can clean and filter your pool water with far less energy.

For a long time, pool pumps all had single-speed motors, which operate at a high cost for homeowners and put unnecessary strain on California's energy grids. All new pool pumps sold in California of a certain size (1 total horsepower (THP) or larger) must have at least two speeds.

Variable speed pool pumps go beyond just meeting Title 20 requirements, offering homeowners both improved energy efficiency and the opportunity for dramatic cost savings. With the Clean Energy Connection's free online directory, you can find quality variable speed pool pump installers near you, so you can upgrade your pool in a way that's both better for the environment and saves you money.

How Variable Speed Pool Pumps Use Less Energy

Single-speed pool pumps are so inefficient because they operate at high speeds and high power consumption all the time.  Even though a task like filtering your pool's water—the primary function of a pool pump—requires half the flow (and a fraction of the power) as pool cleaning, a single-speed pump runs at the same high rate for all tasks.

Variable speed pumps run at different speeds, depending on the pool operation. Varying the motor speed to match demand maximizes efficiency, reduces electricity consumption, and saves significant amounts of money.ENERGY STAR variable speed pool pumps use up to 65% less energy than standard pumps and can save $2,900 over the pump's lifetime.

The Clean Energy Connection Helps You Find a Qualified Variable Speed Pool Pump Installer Near You

Using the Clean Energy Connection’s free directory is easy—you can sort by location, services offered, contractor name, certifications, rebate programs, and more.

Our mission is simple: connecting homeowners with contractors committed to clean energy initiatives and services that reduce a home's carbon footprint. Contractors on the Clean Energy Connection offer an array of electrification and energy efficiency measures like mini-split heat pump installationinsulation retrofits, and variable speed pool pumps.

Contractors don't pay us to appear in our directory. We vet all companies to verify active licensing for the services they offer and confirm they provide exceptional customer service.

It's our pleasure to provide homeowners a solution to find a reliable, trustworthy contractor to help improve their California home.

Save money and use less electricity running your pool—upgrade to a variable speed pool pump.