Zero Net Energy

Zero Net Energy House


A zero net energy home generates enough energy through on-site renewable sources to cover 100% of the energy use in the home. These high-performance homes:

  • Reduce carbon emissions and lower your home’s carbon footprint
  • Eliminate monthly energy costs (including electricity and heating and cooling bills)
  • Create healthier and more comfortable indoor environments for your family

California homeowners interested in achieving zero net energy (or ZNE) will need to consider how to outfit their homes to safely and efficiently produce enough electricity to cover their needs. To make a home more efficient, homeowners may also perform other home performance upgrades like insulation and electrification upgrades. There are many contractors specializing in zero net energy in California, and the Clean Energy Connection can help you find the right one for your home.

What Net Zero Energy Services Do You Need?

Solar energy is one of the most common ways for homeowners to achieve zero net energy building goals. When building a new home or upgrading an existing one, you’ll want to consider several different services to achieve the high- performance building design standards of a zero net energy home, including:


Solar photovoltaic panels

Solar panels produce free energy to cover the electricity your home uses every day, and are usually the key component of a zero net energy building. Solar panels produce 100% clean, renewable energy that can power anything in the home that runs on electricity.

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Battery storage

Battery storage allows homeowners with solar panels to store excess energy for use when their panels aren’t producing energy—at night or on cloudy days. Battery storage makes it much easier for your home’s renewable energy source to cover all of the annual energy your home needs to run.

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Energy Audits

Energy audits

To achieve a zero net energy home, you’ll want to ask: How much energy does my home currently use? How can I improve my home’s efficiency to reduce the number of solar panels I’ll need to install? An energy audit is the best first step for answering these questions.

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Electric vehicle charging

Installing a dedicated 240v outlet will charge your electric vehicle faster. Plus, with solar panels installed, you’ll be able to charge your EV with 100% clean (and free!) electricity.

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Electrical panel upgrades

The more appliances and systems you electrify (crucial in a zero net energy home), the more critical it becomes to have an electrical panel to handle the load! Panel upgrades reduce the risk of fire and other safety hazards and help protect your appliances.

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Find the Right Net Zero Energy Contractor with the Clean Energy Connection

Struggling to find a list of local contractors you can trust to help build or convert your zero net energy home?

The Clean Energy Connection is a free online directory connecting California homeowners with qualified contractors specializing in clean energy services, including the work needed to create a zero net energy home. You can easily search and sort by service, contractor name, and location. We vet every company included to ensure they are licensed and have a track record of delivering exceptional customer service.


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