Home Performance

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Home performance services make a house more comfortable and healthier while also reducing heating and cooling costs by improving energy efficiency. For California homeowners interested in electrifying their home, home performance upgrades can:

  • Lower a home’s overall electricity use
  • Reduce energy waste
  • Improve indoor air quality

Using the Clean Energy Connection’s free directory, you can find the right home performance contractor to help create a more sustainable home, lowering your heating and cooling costs.

Choosing the Right Clean Home Energy Upgrade and Contractor For Your California Home

Home performance covers several services, including:



Insulation helps keep conditioned air from your cooling and heating systems inside your home while preventing outdoor temperatures from infiltrating. Proper insulation in your attic, basement or crawlspaces, and exterior walls reduces energy waste and creates more even indoor temperatures.

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Air Sealing

Air sealing

Air sealing closes up small holes and air leaks in your home’s exterior. Those holes and leaks can waste energy, create uncomfortable indoor drafts, and let outdoor air pollutants into your house. It is common for homeowners to complete air sealing and insulation upgrades at the same time.

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Energy Audits

Energy audits

Home energy audits analyze the current energy efficiency of your home. These reports give you a detailed look at the present state of your home’s energy use and help you identify the problem areas you’ll want to upgrade first.

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Energy-efficient window upgrades

Upgrading a home’s windows can save 20-30% in heating and cooling costs for the average California homeowner. Energy-efficient windows reduce heat gain from the powerful summer sun, which is particularly important to a home’s energy efficiency in our state.

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Starting Your Home Performance Upgrades the Right Way with an Energy Audit

Usually, a home energy audit is the recommended first step in any home performance upgrade. An experienced and certified auditor will inspect and run a series of building science tests to determine if your home is wasting significant amounts of energy through poor insulation or air leaks.

They’ll also talk with you about issues you might be having with air quality or indoor comfort so that they can recommend services that will make the most significant overall difference to you and your family’s health and comfort.

Find the Best Home Performance Company Near You with the Clean Energy Connection

The Clean Energy Connection is an online directory of qualified California contractors committed to clean energy initiatives, including electrification and home performance services. We vet every company listed on our directory to ensure they are licensed and have a track record of delivering exceptional customer service.

The Clean Energy Connection is free for both homeowners and contractors. Efficiency First California, a non-profit organization, created and manages the directory and has no financial stake in the company you choose. We aim to make it easier for homeowners to electrify their homes and reduce their carbon footprint through energy efficiency upgrades.


Improve your home’s energy efficiency with a local home performance company you can trust.