How to Look Up a Clean Energy Contractor’s License in California

contractor by a truck smiling

Hiring a contractor to help upgrade your house can be stressful for many homeowners. Whether you’re looking to install heat pumps, install insulation, or electrify your home with solar panels or an induction cooktop, choosing the right contractor can save you from future headaches, poor workmanship, and more.

One of the basic requirements for selecting any contractor to work on your home is verifying their license. Today we’re going to:

  • Explain why having a licensed contractor is a good idea

  • Show you how to look up a contractor’s license online for free

  • Introduce you to the Clean Energy Connection so you never have to worry about your contractor’s license again!

Why You Should Verify Your Contractor’s License

Homeowners work with unlicensed contractors for two main reasons:

  1. They don’t realize their contractor is not licensed and fail to double-check.

  2. They intentionally gamble on an unlicensed contractor hoping to save money.

Both of these options come with a lot of risk. For starters, it’s probably illegal: In California, any work on a home that totals more than $500 in materials and labor is required by law to be performed by a licensed and certified contractor. What’s more: it’s also illegal for a contractor to advertise themselves as such without a business license.

A homeowner can also find themselves financially liable if something goes wrong with an unlicensed contractor, whether it’s an injury on the job site or if there are problems with the work itself. Some insurance companies won’t consider a claim if the contractor is unlicensed. Finally, consider the quality of the work you’ll be receiving—licensed contractors are more likely to complete the job to your satisfaction.

How to Perform a California Contractor Search for Proper Licensing

If you want to verify your contractor’s license, ask them for their license number (you can also find this information on many contractors’ websites) or just enter their business name into the Check a License page on California’s Contractors State License Board website. It’s free to run a CSLB license check and can save you time and money down the road.

Use the Clean Energy Connection to Find Vetted, Licensed Contractors

Finding the right contractor for clean energy home upgrades isn’t just about a two-minute CSLB license search. You’ll also want to verify the services that the contractor offers (in case you’re planning multiple projects), confirm that the contractor can help you qualify for all available incentives, tax credits, and rebates, and check online reviews to learn more about the quality of their work.

Luckily, California homeowners have an easy-to-use tool that makes finding qualified, vetted, and licensed contractors easy. It’s called the Clean Energy Connection, and it’s a free online database connecting homeowners with local California energy contractors that specialize in home electrification and energy efficiency upgrades. Search results are easy to filter by location, services offered, rebates, and more, and every contractor included has been checked for proper licensing as well as high customer satisfaction.

With the Clean Energy Connection, you can stop worrying about whether you’ve hired the right company to work on your home.