What Is a Clean Energy Contractor?

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California has ambitious clean energy goals and plans to be fully carbon-neutral by 2045. There’s a lot that needs to be done to reach this goal, and reducing carbon emissions in homes and buildings is essential. 

So how do we do that? The key is switching from gas to electric appliances while simultaneously improving energy efficiency with home performance upgrades like insulation and air sealing. 

Clean energy contractors are the professionals with boots on the ground, doing the work that’s essential to meeting California’s clean energy goals. They are the companies installing heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, insulation, solar panels, solar batteries, and so much more to push California closer to its clean energy goals. 

Why You Should Hire a Clean Energy Contractor 

There are thousands of contractors in California, ranging from one-man installers to massive state-wide and even national companies. So how do you choose one? 

If your project is at all related to energy consumption, you should hire a clean energy contractor. Clean energy contractors support electrification and zero net energy projects. They are highly experienced in clean energy services and know how to implement home performance upgrades that work whether you want to make one change, like replacing your air conditioner with a heat pump, or electricity your entire home. 

Most Common Clean Energy Services 

Most energy efficiency home improvements fall under the clean energy umbrella, and there is a long list of clean energy upgrades you can make to your home. Some of the most common include: 

How to Find a Clean Energy Contractor 

Many clean energy contractors don’t call themselves clean energy contractors, which can make them hard to find. You may hear them referred to as sustainable contractors, green home contractors, or home performance contractors. There are also many not-so-clean contractors offering some of the same services a clean energy contractor may offer, but cutting corners that reduce the quality and effectiveness of their services, which adds to the confusion. 

The Clean Energy Connection makes it easy to find sustainable contractors in California. We are a nonprofit bridging the gap between homeowners looking for quality, clean energy contractors and highly rated contractors supporting clean energy projects. Every contractor featured in the directory has met our rigorous quality standards, which include regular customer satisfaction surveys. 

You can search the directory based on the clean energy service you’re looking for, location, incentives, and more to find the right clean energy contractor for your project. It’s 100% free to use and the best way to find qualified home contractors near you in California. 

Start your clean energy project.